Meant to be

Mar 1, 2013 by

Meant to be

Each Friday in February I will tackle a taboo subject affecting all Mummies.


Today’s topic: Adoption

NOTE: My plan was to interview a girl that had given up a child for adoption.  There is no shame in realizing that your child might be better in someone else’s care.  Unfortunately, she decided that she wasn’t ready to share.  When she is, I’m sure everyone will give her their full support.  In the meantime, this is a post about the other side of adoption: welcoming a child into your home.


She was only five years old.


“I woke up one day and was told that I would meet my new parents,” said Sara now thirty-one.  “I was scared.”


Sara was brought to a McDonalds were she found two nervous-looking people sitting on the same side of a booth.  Sara sat on the other side.


“Hello, my name is Mr. Hanson.  This is my wife Margret,” Mr. Hanson said.


Mr. and Mrs. Hanson didn’t want Sara to feel overwhelmed by new parents and a new home.  They thought meeting her at McDonald’s would make Sara more comfortable.


They were right. Sara said she doesn’t remember much except that she really wanted some fries.  She smiled and said “Hello. My name is Sara.”


“That is when we fell in love,” said Mrs. Hanson.  “That’s all it took.”




In 2008, in the United States, nearly 136,000 children were up for adoption.  When you calculate the worldwide number, it rises to over a million.


Adoption isn’t the first option for most couples.  Long waiting times (nearly two years for a newborn) and high cost scare many away.


But yet you hear over and over:


“She was a gift from God”


“I knew he was mine from the moment our eyes met.”


“She touches my heart, every day.”



“We almost gave up.  We’re so glad we didn’t,” said Jennifer Paton hugging her sweet five month old son.



In my opinion, if you have the love and you have the means, adoption can be a wonderful gift.  It’s hard to embrace a stranger. It’s even harder to take a lifetime leap.

We all get caught up with too many hoops to jump through, too many obstacles to overcome.  We are scared of the unknown.

That’s too bad.  If we all “embraced” each other a bit more, think of what a wonderful world we would live in.


Recently in my own family, my cousins (Chris and Becky Patterson) adopted their son Christopher.  He has become the light of their lives and pretty much shows up daily on facebook.  Their leap of faith landed them on two feet.


As to Sara Hanson (above story), now Sara Michaels. She tells me that she too hopes to adopt one day.


“My parents gave me the best gift a little girl could ask for…love. I hope to, one day, return the favor to a little girl or boy in need. I have lots of extra love to give.”


I didn’t give you the gift of life.

Life gave me the gift of you.



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  1. Sheila

    Great post. Some people have so much love to give, but have to wait do long to give it that it makes me sad. So often children stay in the system so long they are harder to place. I know the system is set up like it is for a reason, but if it could be more affordable, that would be great

    • Karyn Gorman

      It is sometimes hard to understand how the two (parents that want children) and (children who wants parents) can’t get together easier. The system is complicated but I hope people realize that even with all the loop weaving and obstacles, adoption is very rewarding and worth it.

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