Thank you Lord for the problems in my life

Jun 30, 2013 by

Thank you Lord for the problems in my life

“Be grateful for problems, because they will inevitable come.  If they don’t, that’s because you’re not doing anything”



Question: How do you know if you’re moving forward?


Answer: You run right smack into obstacles.



Inevitable when you chart a new or unknown path you will run into unforeseen circumstances that will challenge you.


If it all goes smoothly, then more often or not, you’re doing something that you already know how to do and hence not really growing.


Someone once said to me that when you’re on the right path, the Universe paves a way for that choice to happen and things will fall into place more or less.


I DO believe that to some extent.  After all, if you’re on the right path, I think doors WILL open, people WILL cross your path, and opportunities WILL spring up.


But I DON’T think that the Universe lays out a red carpet for each and every good decision you make.


There will be bumps a long the way.


Problems help us to realize that we need to be attentive to our situation, that we still need to grow and that we have much to learn about a particular subject and ourselves.


So thank you Lord for the problems in my life.  I sometimes need a good kick in the butt.


What problems have you faces lately and how have they helped changed your life?

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